This list is to explain my role in group projects, and elaborate on solo ones. In the clips omitted from this list, I was the sole animatior/deisgn/compositor. Feel free to contact me with any questions.     917-797-9734 -

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Swatch 'Puzzle Watch' : 3/07 - 4/07, UVPHACTORY.
2D animation and layout. Composting 3D passes. Generating background elements.
Kites: 11/06, personal.
Created all visuals, including background photography. Animated entirely in After Effects with heavy scripting. Appeared in Smilefaucet's "Air" issue.
The Rapture 'Pieces of the People We Love'' : 1/07, Greendcard Pictures.
Tracking, roto, composite.
Another Part of Town: 5/05, solo.
Creation of short film title sequence from two supplied pages of line-art and handwriting.
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: 7/07, Bigstar.
Sole executor of these two shots. I worked on several sequences for this feature documentary.
Bjork 'Wanderlust' : 11/07-3/08, UVPHACTORY.
Assorted compositing tasks. In these shots I added articulation to the yaks' faces, heads, and breathing. I also did extensive work on the stereoscopic 3D version, adjusting/distorting elements to create coherent depth.
Skeleton Suit: 7/07, solo.
Motion design, scripting. Reel intro for a sound design collective. Drawings were supplied.
SPEED Network packaging: 5/07-7/07, 2/08, Bigstar.
Animation, rotoing, compositing. Radically altering 3D passes, as well as generating new reflections within AE.
TV on the Radio 'Provence' : 2/07, Bigstar.
Roto, composite, creation/animation of crown and star elements
No End In Sight: 11/06-12/06, Bigstar.
Animated all the map and info-graphics throughout the film.
Conservation International 'Collapse' : 5/07, Thornberg & Forester.
Designed and animated treatments of archival stills.
Ashlee Simpson 'Outta My Head' : 12/07, UVPHACTORY.
Merging footage of singer with a 3D head, and incorporating them into background plate. Assorted keying and compositing throughout the video.
mtvU 'Dean's List' : 8/06, Viacom.
Rebuilt the interface of an online video player as an After Effects document, to serve as a countdown show's packaging. Animated and scripted to allow quick content updating for each episode.
Kings of Leon 'Be There' : 2/07, Bigstar.
Keying, compositing.
American Express 'WE ASPIRE' : 2/05, Edgeworx.
Design development, storyboarding, and animation for corporate event video.
'Adobe Media Player' commercial: 3/08, UVPHACTORY.
Animated trails, screen transition effects, and composited 3D passes.
Megatrends: 4/07, Bigstar.
Animation, image research, secondary design.
Xerox Logo Launch: 12/07-1/08, UVPHACTORY.
Animated line elements and their transition to the logo. 3D composite cleanup.
Nexxus: 1/08, UVPHACTORY.
Text animation. Background construction.
American Masters 'Novel Reflections' : 2/07, Viewfinder Productions.
Design, animation.
Ben Jelen 'Where Do We Go' : 3/07, Awesome & Modest.
All compositing, tracking, rotoing. On-set effects supervision.
VH1 'Best Weed Ever' : 12/05-2/06, Waverly Films.
Butterfly design/animation. Lead keyer and compositor. On-set effects supervision.
Voom NASCAR Championship: 8/07, UVPHACTORY.
Animated/composited particle smoke and sparks. Assorted compositing cleanup throughout.
Glaceau: 9/06, Bigstar.
2D animation.
AOL: 9/06, Bigstar.
2D animation.
Canadian Tourism: 11/06, Bigstar.
2D animation.
Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company: 3/06-4/06, Viewfinder Productions.
Direction of title sequence. Design and animation.
Anystream: 8/07-9/07, UVPHACTORY.
Compositing and manipulation of high-speed footage.
TV on the Radio 'Wolf Like Me' : 7/06-8/06, Smuggler.
Design and animation of texture/color treatment used throughout.
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America 'Antietam' : 8/05-10/05 , Viewfinder Productions.
Effects direction. Designed treatment of battle reenactments. Supervising animator.
MovieReal : 11/04, 4/05, Viewfinder Productions.
Motion design, retouching, and animation of archival stills for A&E series.